Thursday, 4 January 2018

Day 4/365: Queensland garden...

...and fragrance

Definitely one of my favourite flowers to photograph and definitely one that says 'home', the frangipani. I know they are not native and that I can see them in other parts of the world but it is in the backyard where they seem most at home. 

Mum has some grown from cuttings from a friend's house out Redcliffe way; I also have cuttings from the same trees in my backyard in Brisbane. They are growing into fine specimens. 

Deep magenta

Almost perfect


Altogether now

Reaching for the sun



No rain today, so no raindrops and frangipanis, which are two of my favourite things...oh, and the mango tree...#Queenslander

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 4.54pm-5.00pm; 4 January 2018]