Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Day 23/365: Well, that didn't last long...

...back to class

On Monday, before the snow, I was thinking that one of the good things about the new camera is that with a shorter zoom capability than its predecessor, it might well force me outdoors for a few minutes each day to get some different sorts of pics, instead of relying on sitting up in my eyrie taking in the view and taking advantage of a 40x zoom capability. 

Well, it didn't happen yesterday. Nor did it happen today, there is just too much snow still around to ogle at...yes, I'm enamoured by the snow, notwithstanding its hidden dangers. I've even been advised how to walk properly on the roads to avoid slipping--walk like a penguin, apparently. 

This morning, it was all eyes on the uni website at 10.00am. Morning classes were cancelled overnight with a decision about afternoon classes to be made at 10.00. Now, I have a class at 1.00pm and a quick calculation meant that even if we got the go ahead at 10.00am, assuming the buses and trains were running on time, it was going to be touch and go as to whether I'd make it in time, much less the students...

Ten o'clock came: classes on. Out into the ice-covered streets, hope for the best, hope the buses were running...

Sunrise from the balcony

In the other direction

Garden domes

Morning shadows

At the bus stop 

Step to the bus, over the gutter

Sitting on the fence

Load-bearing trees

Snow meets step

Melting moments

On the road

Snow patterns

Well, everything was in the end, a little slower, more cautious than usual, I walked like a penguin on the dangerous parts and classes went ahead. 

Quite amazing to watch everyone who could, out and about clearing the snow off the roads and pathways (now it is all piled up on the side of the roads) but a real community effort. Fascinating stuff. There hasn't been this much snow in Tokyo for at least four or five years. 

Even more care required negotiating paths tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow, I don't have classes scheduled...isn't that always the way...

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 9.52am, 3.12pm; iPhone6s, 6.52am, 10.39am-10.44am; 23 January 2018]