Sunday, 21 January 2018

Day21/365: Flock together... birds of a feather

I probably should have gone back into to work today, there are six classes left (including one at 9.00am), there are course outlines to complete (ten, or thereabouts, I think) by the end of the week...

But the sun hit the room at just a nice time and tomorrow snow is forecast so I thought I should balance things out...

That left a bit of an issue with test-driving the new camera. What does it say about one's life that it has taken just on a week to get the new toy up and running (indeed, finishing off the paperwork for the cashback offer -- including free lens adapter -- took longer than buying the camera itself; they make us work hard for the money, indeed). 

I needed lunch (at 4.00pm, as you do) so it warranted a trip to the curry restaurant while contemplating where to shoot, as it were...

Turned out, I didn't have to go too far...

My best side

Green shine

Follow the curve

Focal shy

Looking cold

Guess which one is not quite like the others

Keeping warm in the cool

With light fading fast, the local station pigeons offered a good starting point. 

I've stepped into the world of the mirrorless camera, a Canon M5. Now the purists will say, nah, not a Canon--but as a long time Canon user and with an adapter than can handle all my lenses, well, I'm happy with that. Took me a while to shift from film to digital too, I take my time with some things.

And as long as I get to capture a moment or two from each day, then it should do me.

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 4.46pm-4.50pm; 21 January 2018]