Monday, 8 January 2018

Day 7/365: A stroll in the 'hood...

...resume normal programming

So the delay ended up being an hour, or thereabouts, and we weren't able to make up time in the air and then there was traffic at the other end...but eventually I got back to the house. And what a stark difference in temperatures. While much of Australia was melting, literally, I returned to a temperature hovering around the zero mark. Lucky I was prepared!

Today was one of those stunning blue sky days, the type that deceive into thinking it is warm outside.

The oldest house in the street



Massed trunks, branches, twigs

Twin fruits

Twin leaves

It wasn't. But a stroll around the neighbourhood on the way to the shops warmed me a bit. There is something about the stark tree branches against a blue sky that says 'winter' in a way we really don't quite have in Brisbane. 

And one or two surprises too. Who knew there is a fruit tree in the park...

And it is back to work tomorrow...

[Camera : TZ-85, 3.32pm-3.35pm; 7 January 2018]