Monday, 8 January 2018

Day 6/365: An artful delay... artful display

A daytime flight means getting to the airport early, by train or the kindness of a brother. Today was the latter. The check-in was quick, the immigration and security check, well, the usual lengthy process. Why do so many people travel on a Saturday morning...?

Anyway, through to the other side and today, instead of going right to gate 82, it was left to gate 77. Nice change. Nice to see some different art too. Public art is something Brisbane does pretty well.

Blowing your horn

The band's here

Beat it


The story, the artists


Coffee and toast at the usual spot and then to the gate, to wait. And wait. And, in the end, wait for over an hour while the plane eventually parked at the gate (I wonder if it too had been down at gate 82?) At least it gave us time to learn that Usman Khawaja has reached his ton in the Ashes test in Sydney...there's always an upside to an airport delay.

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 9.07am-9.09am; 6 January 2018]