Friday, 5 January 2018

Day 5/365: Time warp...

...time to go

Holidays never really last as long as they should do they, even when they're not really holidays, just a short break between classes. You plan, you look forward, you arrive, you do stuff and then...time's up. And there was still so much to do!

Sadly, the last three weeks of teaching call and it is back to the office Monday to prepare classes for Tuesday. Here we go again. 

But in the meantime, there's a bag to pack, a plane to catch, followed by buses, trains and buses. And a short walk. 

So today, we had to go out with a bit of a bang don't you think? How's a spot of lobster and a last look at the beach sound?

That was on the menu today. A new pop-up shop, Lobster Shack from WA, serving up lobster rolls and chips (and champagne for those not driving, water for those with the car keys...[puts up hand]). I'd visited Lobster Shack in WA just a few years ago with friends, so was happy to tag along for the experience. 


Now that's special

Dune grass
Through the chop

I see the sea


Koala-eye view
One example of a 'koala' project, Animals with Attitude, this one by artist Kate Clarke, 'Comic Book', at Broadbeach

Someone to watch over them

And a walk along the beachfront, just a glance really, until we are back, in March. Not long to go really is it. 

See you back in Tokyo. 

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 4.29pm-4.38pm, 4.59pm-5.02pm; 5 January 2018]