Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Day 25/365: But wait, there's more...

...I'm sure it wears off

But not for the present, not for me at least.I feel really quite spoilt by the seasons in Japan. As much as I love Brisbane's sub-tropical climate and all the flora and fauna that it sustains, there is something about Japanese seasons: actual blossoming before your eyes, actual green to red to yellow to brown to gone leaves of autumn, and the snow. I like it (secretly). I know it can be dangerous, annoying, cause accidents and so on. But I can't help it, I quite like it. 

So it was today, it is still hanging around, slowly melting, very slowly. Actually, much of it it turning to dangerous black ice, so I'm learning new walking styles each day. 

It is also a little incongruous to have a bright sunny day, and snow. Somehow. 



Snow? Did someone say there was snow?


The work continues


Enough already

And I guess, some people had decided they'd had enough by the end of the day. Either that, or they simply went for a bit of snow graffiti without really knowing what it meant (just like those tattoos I see some people flaunting, the Chinese/Japanese character ones they think have one meaning when in fact...teehee).

[Camera : iPhone6s, 9.41am, 9.44am, 7.30pm, 9.16pm; Canon EOS M5, 2.13pm, 2.36pm; 25 January 2018]