Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Day 8/365: Practice run...

...for it begins again, tomorrow

Not the most promising weather on the horizon today. But there are classes to prepare, syllabi to q¥write, books to read, articles to post, etc and so forth.

Today is actually a public holiday in Japan, 'Coming of Age' day, celebrating all those who turn 20 this year, the legal age for the usual adult activities drinking, smoking, driving etc. Used to be voting but that was reduced to 18 in 2016. As with most things, it is about as symbolic as 21 being the key to adulthood in Australia, except everyone gets dressed up, heads to the local council chambers and gets a group photo. 

I turned both 20 and 21 in during my first stint in Japan, neither of which was celebrated with any particular fanfare. Which I guess explains much.

So apart from a passing glance from the bus as we drove past the local council chamber, coming of age day for me was coming to work day. Even though all the gates were locked. I suppose that was sending a message of sorts too but Tuesday's prep could not wait another day.

Heading out

More than a ripple

I'll take your ripple...

Tie it up

And double it

Found my way in through the secret passage eventually and carried on with the required aplomb for out there everyone was on hols. Except of course, the tuggers...through the waves, in each other's wake. There are metaphors there I'm sure but I shall leave them alone for now. 

Work done. Bring on the final three weeks of classes for the 2017 academic year (in 2018).

[Camera : Lumix TZ-85, 3.56pm-3.57pm; 8 January 2018]