Thursday, 1 March 2018

Day 58/365: I'm a bit late...

...for a regular date

Back into the office to continue with all that which goes on in the non-teaching time. This evening too, there is a seminar at one of the think tanks I attend regularly. Tonight, a former self-defence force member is speaking on security in East Asia...yup, that's how I find my fun in this big city. 

It does mean walking through the parliamentary precinct. Occasionally I might be fortunate enough to see a protest or two around the place 8strictly for research purposes of course...) or the odd politician or two coming in or out of the parliamentary buildings. No such luck tonight although we were held up outside the Prime Minister's residence as black-curtained cars were driven through the barriers. Made me just a bit late for the opening remarks...

A little office wall distraction

On the way to the station

The moon over Parliament House

Going down

I can't help but think how much 'security' is now around Parliament House compared with when I first came to Japan. Police and their trucks everywhere, batons at the ready. It is certainly a different environment these days. When I think of this and the fence now around Parliament House in Canberra, it seems the pollies are actually about protecting themselves from us, not a pleasant development at all. 

The seminar had me thinking about these things...

[Camera : iPhone6s, 5.17pm, 5.26pm, 6.06pm, 8.14pm; 27 February 2018]