Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 78/365: A little bit closer to home...

...let the appointments begin

Enough lolling about watching the fruit bats fly by. Get to work. Up to Brisbane for the day to do some of the things one needs to do on a flying trip home. Primary amongst them today was a doctor's appointment, which turned into a blood test, which in turn forced an x-ray and ultrasound on a dodgy shoulder. It is not the first time I've wondered how I am being held together (with a complete lack of cartilage in key joints now...). 

All the more reason to visit my local watering hole, an actual water spot, not the type that first came to mind dear reader...whereupon, I chanced upon one of my favourite native flowers...

It's a bus stop...(and that light...)

Watering hole

with rocks

And grasses





Hello there

Looking up

Gumnut babies. How very homely indeed. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 3.20pm; Canon EOS M5, 4.29pm-4.36pm; 19 March 2018]