Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 86/365: Time to tiptoe...

...through those tulips

I noted just before I left for Brisbane that the tulips were on the way to prime bloom for their special little festival along the promenade at work. And blooming they are...quite the spectacle. 

There are some 20,000 blooms, all over the main open spaces, it is such a delight to see. 

Another arbour

Cherry blossoms between the buildings




Rows and rows

Always an odd one out

The tulip that ate a leaf

Indeed, there will probably be more of the same this week, I never tire of tulips. You have been alerted, please do not be alarmed. 

[Camera : iPhone 6s, 11.56am-11.57am; Canon EOS M5, 5.15pm-5.34pm; 27 March 2018]