Monday, 12 March 2018

Day 62/365: And we're off... begins a trip

With yesterday's meeting out of the way, time to get going. First stop: Miyajima. It is an island just a ten minute ferry ride across from Hiroshima (more or less). You might know it from pictures of the famous tori-i, or shrine gate which sits on the shore, sometimes in the water, sometimes standing tall on the sand, depending on where the tide is at any given moment. 

We are staying overnight. I'm looking forward to it, to see the gate and the sea in all their variations. I visited the island way back in my student days, but just a day trip. Mum saw the island featured on a tv program a little while back and that put the idea in our minds to venture down this way. 

So glad we did. It was lovely to see it again after all these years...and the overnight stay was an excellent idea...

(*I planned to limit the number of pics to ten...but failed*)

When on the shinkansen 1

When on the shinkansen 2

In the distance (2.29pm)

Near the lodgings 

The five-storied pagoda

Looking across the shrine

Tide's out (3.48pm)

Another angle on the shrine

Passing traffic

Through the trees, from the shore (3.50pm)

Birds parked

Every woman and her dogs came to visit

Majestic (3.56pm)

Coins for luck

You place one on the gate at low tide, the hight tide washes it off...

Leaves and seaweed

Stone crossing

At the entrance, tradition has it we wash our hands before entering

I have a similar pic from 30 years ago

The spring seen only at low tide

ANother view

Almost postcard (4.23pm)

Lanterns in a row



Chawan mushi, the local variation



The broth and pickles

How to : sake

Dessert : refreshing

Then a tour at night : the pagoda

Shrine lights (8.41pm)

Reflected (8.42pm)

Full moon over the shrine (8.46pm)

At night (8.50pm)

Boat sails through (8.52pm)

Majestic, by night (8.53pm)

Reflective in other ways

Night light pines

Looking back towards the main buildings (8.57pm)

Finishing the evening with a clarinet recital

The lodgings (Arimoto) suggested various walking tours, today's on arrival (with the tide out) and the evening one with the lights. There's another one in the morning and fine weather is predicted. 

The deer are wild but quite used to the visitors. The lodgings were fine, with all the excellent food one would expect and a perfect bath, to soak. And I was so pleased with the different effects the light had on the tori-i over the 24 hour period we were there. Recommended. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, iPhone6s; 3 March 2018]