Thursday, 29 March 2018

Day 64/365: A reminder...

...not that I need reminding...

It was raining this morning for day two in Hiroshima. I guess it is the right sort of weather for reflection though. One of the reasons I shifted my focus from simply studying the internal dynamics of political parties to trying to understand that political power and what makes political 'leaders' choose war as a solution (when dialogue, though it might take longer, eventually works) happened in this city over thirty years ago. My first visit to Hiroshima, visiting the peace park, the museum and just taking in the atmosphere was one of those transformative moments in my career. 

The impact doesn't diminish.

The exhibition starts here

Exhibit A

The tricycle

Exhibit B

The watch, the time

Exhibit C

Bottles, fused

Exhibit D, one of many

Presidential message, May 2016

Presidential crane



The Peace Bell

...which everyone is encourage to ring

The post box

Visiting this time with family and friends, I could see anew how this city affects people. It truly does stand as one example of man's inhumanity to man...and yet...

There will be more on this over on the politics blog, psephy's ~ologies.

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, iPhone6s, 9.28am-11.48am: 5 March 2018]