Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Day 63/365: And then in the morning...

...makes the overnighter worth it

One of the reasons I wanted to stay over on Miyajima was to try and capture the tori-i, the gate, in all its reflective and reflecting glory...even if that meant getting up and at it for a 6.30am walk through the hills and down onto the shore.

It was worth it. The guide who took us on the night lights trip last night took us on the morning walk starting just behind the hotel and going up and around the hills, noting some of the gardens and some of the other temples and shrines dotted through the landscape. 

It was a bit hurried, he was keen to get us all down on the shore to touch the tori-i while the tide was out (which we did yesterday). And at just the right moment, the sun burst onto the gate: perfect.

The morning walk begins

The neighbourhood

No entry...except for the deer

A view


From a distant hill

An Imperial imprimatur 

One of the oldest streets


Temple entrance


The long way up

Mosson an old stone wall

Much moss

Treasures murseum

Working neighbourhood

Early morning shrine

Tide's out

Morning approach

with reflection

Rustic reflection

Incoming tide

Sun peeks through

Breaking through (7.38pm)

Front on (7.40am)

Last night's pic with lantern, by morning light

Breaksfast, after a long walk

And then the tide came in (11.02am)

We did some more walking around after breakfast, down to look at the aquarium and its oyster bed (and all creatures great and small), and then the time came in affording yet another magnificent view of the magnificent gate. 

It certainly made the decision to stay overnight well worth it. 

In the afternoon, back on the ferry to the mainland to head to Hiroshima where we had just enough time to go and look at the castle. Of course, being Hiroshima, it was a reconstructed version of the castle, built in 1958. The original one was destroyed in the bombing. 

Approaching Hiroshima Castle

Front on

The moat

Tower reflected

View from the top (the A-bomb dome can be seen from here)

Tree over the moat

Statue of Prime Minister Ikeda Hayato
(yes, I was the only one in the party who wanted to see this...)

Every thing about this city serves as a reminder of why I do what I do. I remember my first visit here, seeing first hand what war can do. War, it's got to stop.

The peace park and museum tomorrow. It will take a little psychological preparation. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, iPhone6s; 4 March 2018]