Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 74/365: The shining light... is different

The main thing I notice when I'm home, photographically-speaking of course, is the light. Many of us who spend our professional or keenly amateur lives with a lens (or lenses, plural) protruding from our noses or thereabouts, will wax lyrical about the light. 

But it is true.

It is clear. It is crisp. It is harsh. It is white. It has a quality I rarely see elsewhere. And it particularly struck me today as the sun began to settle in the west and shone through the palms...

Paradise in the light


Light curtain




No light or colour edits here (maybe a bit of trimming), just the light, as it was caught. That's about as far as I got today...well, tomorrow is another day.

[Camera : iPhone6s, 9.52am, Canon EOS M5, 4.24pm-4.25pm; 15 March 2018]