Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 83/365: Another morning tea... wait, a study in Australianess 

There are just some things one must have when back home. There are meat pies. With sauce, of course. And then there is the classic morning tea. The local bakery does everything in one size: enormous. So enormous, it takes two people to eat just one delicacy. 

So I must indulge of course, for tomorrow it is back to the grind, well, back on a plane to get back to the grind. 

A cream bun for the masses

A classic with a twist


The pool

The paper

Just hanging around


Mood shells

It was an almost normal old Saturday, morning tea, the Saturday paper, sport on telly. Just a few observations.

[Camera : iPhone6s, 11.14am-11.16am, Canon EOS M5, 4.40pm-5.07pm; 24 March 2018]