Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 82/365: A reason for being...

...just mind the bluebottles

Funny how we take for granted, that which is in reach. I've grown up by the beach, you couldn't keep me away from it from pre-walking age through to moving to Brisbane. If it was light, and there was a wave, I was there. 

You would think I would be trying to make my way down to the beach every day while I'm here, but somehow, things keep cropping up. Not today though. It was a very deliberate move on my part. There is something about the air at the beach that just lifts the spirits. 

Early morning visitors, pale-headed rosella pair

One half of said pair

The jetty

And below

Yeah, pay attention


No swimming, for good reason

More flags



Angry clouds, angry waves






ONe half


Leaving only footprints

Blowing in the wind


Sand, tidal

A swag of blueys

First came the chips...

Then there was the crab sanger

Along with all the other bits and pieces you find while strolling along. 

Of course, the famous crab sandwiches down by the beach at the cafe are also a good reason to go. Wins every time. 

[Camera : 8.27am, 12.25pm-12.36pm, iPhone6s, 1.53pm-1.55pm; 23 March 2018]