Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 71/365: Into the office... last time (for now)

Today is a day to squeeze about the work of three days into one, and a bit. I have meetings from am to pm, just a taste of what is to come soon. 

I'm off to Oz tomorrow for a half work-half rest sort of week or so. People to see, beaches to roam, doctor appointments and all the rest. A kind of half-yearly check up on all sorts. 

So the walk to and from the office today, and the moments in between, were all rather normal as it happened. 

The cat sat...

Turn around


Busy as

Marked up for new fittings
The port will keep on working while I'm away... I'm sure it will look the same when I get back, but I needed the photographic evidence just for normality's sake. See you in a week or so!

[Camera : iPhone6s, 8.50am, 8.43am, 8.30pm; Canon EOS M5, 3.54pm; 12 March 2018]