Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 66/365: When in Kyoto...

...hit the High Streets

With a fair bit of templing under our belts from previous trips, mum thought it might be nice to check out a few different shops along the way. Which we did. One of those days when you have a particular thing in mind that you want to get...but can't find it. One of those days. Of course, they always end up being the days too, when you are not looking for that certain thing, it will turn up. Eventually. 

So today was a wander along a couple of shopping streets, which I hadn't done previously, and just taking in all the things. 

Mmm, breakfast, traditionally

Through the window

Kyoto Station, looking up

...looking through

...on the edge

Happy penguins

The Tower, ubiquitous

All Australian shinkansen fare

Sat down for a while inside Kyoto Station too. When you stop for a breather and have a chance to take it all in, the architecture is quite astonishing really. 

From Kyoto today to Tokyo tonight...back on the train, gang.

[Camera : iPhone6s, 8.25am-9.18am; 12.06pm, 2.07pm-2.34pm, 4.13pm; 7 March 2018]