Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 76/365: Going batty...

...for good reason

It is back to the issue of the light, and the remains of the day, as it were. Each evening, once the sun is down but there remains that little bit of twilight (brief as it is), the flying foxes, or fruit bats, make their way across the sky. 

It is another sort of a challenge to capture them in flight as they make their way across the sky, east to west...

Hello Bella (not a flying fox)

Over they come, from the east

Great flocks

As they head west

Into the night

I hesitated at first, not entirely sure I had the right lens (for length and zoom) but in another way, I like the way the colour of the sky was captured. It will do, for now. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 10.40am; Canon EOS M5, 6.17pm-6.19pm; 17 March 2018]