Thursday, 1 March 2018

Day 60/365: First day of spring?

...they'll let us know later today

March is here, thus it is Spring, though not quite officially. According to the news this morning, they'll let us know later today when 'haru ichiban' comes along. Mind you, we are expecting a top temp of 20degC today (after about 10 yesterday) though the nights will still be single digit cool. 

But Spring is here for the birds, as this one in the garden this morning will attest...

Orchids appreciating the warmth

Which half is the better half?

Try this one

Haru ichiban?

Back for more

Yeah, I see you

My better side

Going for it

Raindrops remain

Took a few goes to capture, but we eventually got used to each other. And it wasn't going to let that fruit go to waste...

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 9.18am-10.03am; 1 March 2018]