Saturday, 31 March 2018

Day 70/365: Blooming good time

...about to be had by all

Always lovely to have family come to visit, you get to do so much and see things so differently when it is through their eyes. But, it is back to work, but, not for long. A few meetings to squeeze in today, mainly about things happening in the new academic year, starting on 1 April (yes, it always does, no fooling) about which much later. 

Down on the promenade, we are getting ready for things of a different nature. While I'll be away for ten days soon, the blossoms and blooms aren't actually going to wait for me (rather inconsiderate of them). Add to that, it looks like they are going to bloom a little earlier than usual due to the unusually warmish, then coldish, does anyone know what it is doing--weather. 

Down along the promenade though, we are in for a tulip festival in few days. This year there are many more and I saw them being planted by kids in a grand community effort a few months ago...

More office paraphernalia 

Cometh the tulip festival

Budding one

Budding two

Ready, on your marks...

Bedded in

Early starter

Favourite colour (one of)

Looks like all that hard work is bearing...blooms!

I hope there are some left when I get back. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 5.32pm-5.42pm, iPhone6s, 4.08pm; 11 March 2018]