Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Day 100/365: A century, already...

...really. Where's it all going?

Well that was one thing I was wondering about this morning. Classes start tomorrow, already! The other thing I was marvelling about this morning was the birdsong, the sunshine and the azaleas. Yes, it is azalea time. 

That gave me an idea.

Last week, in among the tulips, I incidentally caught the sparrows at the bubbler. I thought I might see what I could find this afternoon on my walk and stretch from the office. 

I found the sparrows, I think I'm liking them all the more when I see them. I remember them being very common when I was growing up; not so much now in and around the Brisbane suburbs. But in Tokyo, in the absence of miners and mynahs, invasive and local, to chase them away, they thrive.

Look! I can fly...oh, hang on





Last gasp

Closing out

Flat out

Last dance


They might not have performed under the bubbler in quite the way I had hoped, but it was nice, for just a few minutes, to watch their antics. 

And the tulips...it is almost time out. Almost. There's a pic or three in them yet. 

Happy 100th day, dear reader. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 2.57pm-3.07pm; 10 April 2018]