Saturday, 21 April 2018

Day 110/365: Twilight time...

...there's a pattern developing here

So today was the first of seven Fridays as we run a bit of a trial for our first year students. As you might recall, dear reader, our university has two campuses. The western campus is where the first-years take their general education classes for a year before coming east-south-east to the Ariake campus by the Bay. 

Previously, we've waited until they move east to focus on specialised politics classes. This year, we will be having a seminar class with them, right up front, to introduce them to the basics. 

All very good in theory, and indeed, as one who views first-year uni as a critical year in the education process, in practice as well. The only little niggle I have is that the class is first up at our western campus, then I need to make the dash across town to teach my other classes in the afternoon... is a bit of a rush. But I made it. 

A visitor to my office

Rainbow Bridge (not very rainbowy)

A hint of Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Bay Bridge
They no longer light-up the wheel and i do not know why...

Azaleas by street lamp

Coffee jelly ala affogato

At the end of a busy week, it certainly felt like the twilight zone I noted outside when I finally had a chance to stop and smell the coffee (jelly, affogato-style). 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 12.55pm, 9.19pm, 9.32pm; Canon EOS M5, 6.33pm-6.36pm; 20 April 2018]