Saturday, 28 April 2018

Day 113/365: In search of ... (again)

...a restaurant

Yes, sounds a bit rich I know. But at the end of this day, it was off to find a restaurant in the Ginza, of a level of exquisiteness to which I am unaccustomed. Yesterday, surfing, today, Ginza establishments. Such is the daily contrast in my life these days. 

The dinner was to welcome the two new members of the executive team into the fold (or, testing our social skills and graces in a public setting...). Embarrassingly, I arrived just a few minutes late. You see, seeking out a particular restaurant in a maze of hundreds is not that easy. While there are 'addresses' to look for, it is not quite the same as looking for something like 1000 Logan Road, Holland Park. And the maps on phones are never quite the same as streets in real life...

Nonetheless, I found it, just about at that point where I was going to give up (but not turning up was not an option, of course).

Seeking a lift

Pretty flowers where once was snow

These bloomed overnight

The azaleas keep jumping in front of the lens

And this one

A eerie mood

Heading off

It was after a long day at work, catching up on last week, preparing for this week. No photos of the food I'm afraid, You'll just have to take my word for it, it was worth the search. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 9.47am-9.51am, 3.13pm, 4.53pm; 23 April 2018]