Sunday, 29 April 2018

Day 118/365: In search of water...

...well, a water wheel at least

We have a little park down the way, the 'Suisha Koen', the water wheel (or water mill) park. It is a little bit of history in the neighbourhood with an old-school working water wheel, an old kiln and a few other artefacts from another time. 

In my quest to master the 'M' dial on the M5, I thought, this afternoon, capturing the water turning might be a good challenge. 

There was clarinet rehearsal today so I didn't take the cam with me (lugging the clarinet case is sufficient baggage) so when I got home, I went off to the park...

A sign, in the afternoon light


The old kiln

Some water

Strolling through the gardens

Through the lantern



Garden monument

Retiring for the evening

Still partying...

...alas, fifteen minutes late for the main show. The gates closed at 4.30pm. Oh well, I can go another day. 

[Camera : Canon M5, 4.40pm-4.55pm; 28 April 2018]