Saturday, 28 April 2018

Day 116/365: How does your garden grow?

...the books are getting bigger

Groundhog day today. Another of those days where, early on in the day, I pictured myself getting out for that afternoon stroll, around 4.30pm, after class finished. 

Good thing I have an imagination. 

Here I was again, late in the evening, still in the office...still. But it was just this week that I noticed, two and a bit years into this 'new' job, and suddenly books have appeared. Well, not really, of course I have purchased them along the way but when you buy just one or two here and there, you don't really notice how they begin to pile garden beds, plants popping up all of a sudden. 

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I'm running out of shelf space already. What comes next?

[Camera : iPhone6s, 9.02pm-9.03pm; 26 April 2018]