Sunday, 15 April 2018

Day 105/365: Duck, Duck, go... the park

Another Sunday, another orientation. The start to the new academic year has a lot of additional events we have to attend and today it was back out to the western campus (we call it the 'green' one, versus the 'blue' one by the port) to spend a bit of 'quality' time with the first years. 

We invite along a few of the senior students as well, since new students tend to take more notice of their peers. I had the additional required attendance at the Sunday lecture by our's been a long day. 

Bit overcast too, not the best for shots but since we finished with just enough light left, I made a quick dash down to the local park, Inokashira. We've been here before, dear reader, at different times. It never fails to draw a crowd on Sundays. 

Swanning along

Alternative transport


Postered post

Just swanning by...


The chase

Looking for the answer





Dinner/lunch or similar

But it was the ducks that 'stole the show', weaving their way between the big boats, stopping for a rest, and getting back into it. They probably know just how the first years feel. 

Oh, and lunch, at 6.00pm. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, 5.00pm-5.11pm; iPhone6s, 6.10pm, 6.12pm]