Saturday, 21 April 2018

Day 108/365: Sun sets...

...on a busy day

I'm going to have to watch my words on this blog really. From here on in, every day is going to be a busy day actually. Whereupon, once I had a fair bit of time to myself outside teaching, now each hour seems to be taken up with other demands on my time, mostly meetings. Actually, a lot of meetings. 

Many, many meetings. 

I'm going to have to try and make time for breathing. Which for me, means taking a few minutes out of the day to see life through the lens. 

Today wasn't that day however. Two meetings including one I have to chair. In Japanese. It is a challenge. I just hope I get it right...

Going down

At a distance

Cloud looms

All the orange

meanwhile, on the other side...

Moon returns

So really, all I could do was watch the sun set on the day before  returned to the office to continue with tomorrow's preparation. There might be many meetings, but there is always a class just waiting to be taught. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 6.06pm-6.07pm, 7.33pm; 18 April 2018]