Monday, 30 April 2018

Day 120/365: Some days are garbage...

...we need to do something about it

Today was the 'carry-over' public holiday for yesterday's public holiday, since it fell on a Sunday. It is almost as if Japan has copied the Great Australian Long Weekend...nonetheless, it was a work day for us, although I had no classes, and miraculously, no meetings. Not one. I think that's my first 'free' day this month. Oh wait, it is the last day of the month...

I thought I would use the opportunity to make a trip to the post office to resume my planned afternoon walk. Which I did. Except...I forgot about the public holiday aspect and yes, the PO was having none of this working business. Oh well, I'll have to go tomorrow. Another walk...

I took the longish way back to the office, down by the river, the bit where it meets the port. I sometimes see some birds down that way, maybe a fish, but not today...a stark reminder of just how rubbish we can be when it comes to caring for our planet. Rather unpleasant. 


Bag as a baseball

Bottles, noodle packs, sludge

Coffee can among the leaves

ON the edge

A bit of a blowy day

Long time no see

The blossoms turned into little cherries

Seeing the waterways polluted like this just makes me try that much harder to be careful with what I consume and how I consume it. And now with the warmer weather coming on, it is definitely time for the refillable water bottle. It is a little heavy in the bag, but really, I can't drink out of another plastic bottle after today. 

[Camera : Canon M5, 3.57pm-4.08pm; 30 April 2018]