Saturday, 28 April 2018

Day 117/365: From west to east...


I know that when I just get used to this west to east Friday morning run, it is going to be over. So I shan't complain (much). Our department's trial this semester to teach the first years out in the western campus is going ... swimmingly...

The teaching itself is not such an issue, nor is the getting out west in time for the 9.00am start, it is the squeeze in between to take in a 68 minute commute between the two campuses and make it back in time for prep for two classes in the afternoon at Ariake, starting at 1.00pm. Look, we make it, but it is a push. But as a colleague mentioned today, at least it is just the one term, just eight weeks (and counting). 

That aside, it is also time to flick the switch on the M5. All week, I've been taking the pics on the fruit phone, simply for convenience. The M5 goes everywhere I go but sometimes just doesn't see the light of day...

I've also been 'cheating' a bit, and kept the dial on A for 'auto'. Time to flick the switch to M for manual...

Needs a fragrance button, by the bus stop

Late daylight

Cranes at work


Accidental shutter pic

Training, in motion

...which I did for a few shots this eve. Yes, different. Time to get back in the swing of this photography thing. 

[Camera : iPhone6s, 6.54am, Canon M5, 5.55pm-6.00pm; 27 April 2018]