Saturday, 7 April 2018

Day 95/365: West to east...

...and back to the middle

It already feels like I've been west to our other campus more times this week than I went all of last year. Back here today for a another commitment in my new role, a presentation to new students on the joys of studying overseas...and let's face it, I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for my experience as a student studying there maybe a bit of built in bias. 

Quite unrelated to the new job though, I also received an invite to attend the Spring Garden Party at the Australian Embassy, right over the other side of town. That too, is a first for me, although I've had reason to call into the Embassy for plenty of other reasons over the years. 

And as daunting as it was to walk into a garden with hundreds of people, I eventually settled and found a few acquaintances. 


Blossoms remain

At the gate to the other campus

Marshmallow azaleas

OK, so not marshmallows, but so floofy

OK, maybe not azaleas either but remarkable specimens

All on the one tree

Yesterday's cherry blossom, from a different angle

More blossoms


Love these late bloomers

When all the others are gone

These ones keep on going

Spring Garden Party

Meanwhile, work goes on

Then, back to the office, by the port, to catch up, get prepared, review, write and just for a moment, take it all in. 

It is going to be a very different roller coaster ride from here on in. 

(*For those who count these things, as I do occasionally, it was a 13,458 steps or thereabouts, kind of day.)

[Camera : iPhone6s, 7.53am, 9.26am-10.26am, 3.38pm-4.33pm; 5 April 2018]