Sunday, 15 April 2018

Day 104/365: A little play...

...a little relaxation in order

Well, relaxation probably isn't quite the right word. Rehearsal times can be quite tense, in a fun sort of way. Today was rehearsal day with the clarinet band. We do just come together every fortnight with a view to improving our playing, individually and as an ensemble.

And really, that's about all I do on Saturdays like these. Spend the morning looking over the music, doing a few finger exercises and weight to carry the bass clari case, on the bus, then the train, to the hall and all the way back again. 

Not like home where we just put the instrument in the car and drive up to the hall. Not quite. 


A selection


Lunch, closer to dinner


And on the way back, I usually have to make up for a lack of lunch, not deliberately as such, it is just that I don't like to each too much before a rehearsal or concert. A full stomach interferes a bit with the diaphragm, needed to expel all that air.

As if teaching wasn't enough to do that!

[Camera : iPhone6s, 4.44pm, 5.07pm, 5.45pm-5.47pm; 14 April 2018]