Friday, 13 April 2018

Day 103/365: Getting a bit flash... the last petal falls

Fridays, for the next couple of months, promise to be busy. Busier than usual. For the duration of the first term, I have a class at the Musashino campus in the west and have about two hours to get back to Ariake for a class from 1.00pm and another at 2.30pm. It is going to be a 'fun' few weeks. 

By the time classes had finished, I had to catch up with different bits and pieces of admin...and then suddenly it was about 6.00pm. Time for lunch. (No, not an error, it actually happened.) So my scheduled walk didn't really happen at the pleasant mid-afternoon time as planned. Instead, on the way to the station, I took one last look at the tulips, in the dark...

Then I flicked the switch to flash...

Front on

On my own

A crowd of tulips

White line

Frayed edges





Losing it



Last dance

...just for effect. But I kinda like it. Just for something different. I'm hardly what you'd call a flash person but I'll let it go for one night. 

[Camera : Canon EOS M5, with flash, 8.05pm-8.16pm; 13 April 2018]