Sunday, 22 April 2018

Day 111/365: Planning the next move...

...taking a breather

It's been a heady few weeks. Teaching has resumed for the new academic year; I am coming to terms with my new position and all that entails; I'm trying to be a good teacher, good researcher and aiming to make a positive contribution in my new role...

I could have done 100 things today but I decided I needed a little breather. 

The day sort of whittled away. I have a favourite Saturday morning TV program which follows someone's adventures on a train line, getting on and off, exploring things within walking distance of different stations along the line. I'm inspired every week and every week I imagine I'll do something like that. 

One day. 

Today, I just went a little way down the track, schlepped my way around Ikebukuro looking for this and that, and then just sat for a moment and watched the world go by...



Skirts and jeans

Bic Camera (yes, my camera shop, that very branch)


Tote bag

Karaoke rooms (the sign)

Flower bed

I quite admire true street photographers too. One day I'll get the courage up to do that properly too.

[Camera : iPhone6s, 6.07pm-6.10pm; 21 April 2018]